Buy from overseas CHEAP

Whilst we can’t endorse or recommend any overseas manufacturer in particular… we can agree that the prices are beyond belief. And like most things that come at a low price… the quality or fit may be less than desired. Look at some of these prices:


Cath has worked in Bridal wear for decades, and prior to bridal wear, she worked in Double Bay grovelling at the feet of some of Australias rich and famous, and using her seamstress skills to bring on the smiles.

Save thousands...

Don’t get fooled by the web page… my husband is a web designer. Call me on 0449 105 333 prior to your dress arriving. I can be ready with your measurements in hand to save the day… and to save you plenty of money.

The Dress You’d Dreamed Of

At An Affordable Price

Sure I’ve made dresses that have sold for thousands and thousands of dollars… but most brides I’ve known personally, have been hoping to save for a honeymoon, then maybe a home, and spending a fortune on their dress is not their first option.